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Now You Can Do So Confidently With INTRADAY "CACHE" Technology

World's Premier Intraday Liquidity Management Software

INTRADAY Inc. software technology improves liquidity (or working capital), reduces risk and can improve net income for clients. Treasury processes for banks and corporations primarily operate with end-of-day (EOD) processing.  As a consequence, this results in over reserving funds to meet daily obligations.  This represents multi-millions in local currencies for each corporate entity. On a macro-level, approximately $2 to $3 trillion of lazy cash per day is either stuck between corporate transactions or held in bank buffers. 
INTRADAY software technology highlights where monies are located, their respective values and provides recommendations to improve working capital, reduce risk or improve revenue. This can also serve to reduce the need for larger cash reserves, to lower payment risk and reduce float and improve access to internal funds.