INTRADAY Inc. was founded to develop software technology that addresses intraday liquidity management requirements for corporations and banks.

Experienced Founders

Ashley Dowson


Ashley Dowson

Ashley is a Founder & Chairman of INTRADAY Inc. and has provided consulting & education to the Treasury & Transaction Banking sector for the last 15 years. He was Chief Operating Officer & Managing Director of Barclays Group Treasury during a 30-year career with the bank. Ashley’s close involvement with the payments industry began in 1994, when he led the Euro Banking Association team that created the first commercial cross-border euro payment scheme (EURO1). He also created Intraday Insights to provide education on intraday liquidity management (ILM) and has chaired events for the EBA, CSC, Citi, Intel, JP Morgan, SWIFT and Marcus Evans across the globe for over 10 years. After completing major ILM projects for Top 10 banks, he is embarked on a journey to transform this topic with powerful software tools... Intraday Insights is now part of INTRADAY Inc.

Bruce Headshot


Bruce Hrovat

Our CEO has over 25 years of experience leading Financial Service and Supply Chain Firms around the world.  He previously served as a Chief Operations Officer of a top 15 USA Regional Bank, as an Executive Vice President of Global Transaction Banking for a top 10 Global Transaction Bank and  leading Global Payments and Liquidity Practice for a Tier 1 Systems Integrator.  In addition he was responsible for developing branch banking efficiencies as Teller Executive of a 5,000 branch network. His non-banking experience includes leading a European manufacturing global supply chain.

Executive Team


Chief Technology Officer

Narayanan Sundaram

Our CTO has spent over 25 years building enterprise software for some Fortune 500 companies. Narayanan graduated from University of Pune with a Master of Computer Science degree. His illustrious career started with him building a genetic algorithmic solution on India's first Super Computer PARAM in C-DAC at Pune University.  He then spent time building some of the most critical financial reporting and data warehousing solutions for Fortune 500 companies  which enabled the companies to report to Wall Street with some of the highest quality and efficiency.  He spent over 7 years at Lucas Films which got acquired by Disney was where he delivered cutting edge analytics increasing consumer products' revenue significantly.  His most recent stint at a travel co-op company resulted in building a zero-trust SaaS platform on top of a multi-petabyte Data Lake and a world class ID Graph

The INTRADAY Technology Team is made up of a talented group of both Domestic and International industry leading developers able to meet any banking and corporate integration requirements.